Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Publishing Progress

For the past four weeks I've worked solidly on the manuscript for 'A Fragrant Memory', the book telling botanical artist Margaret Flockton's story for the first time. There's been endless culling, tidying, re-organising, chasing up pesky little loose ends and, of course, indexing, indexing and yet more indexing. Finally, the book is in good enough shape to risk showing it to a publisher.

Preparing a submission for a publisher's consideration is a time-consuming task requiring a different set of skills. It's yet another challenge on the long road to getting an illustrated non-fiction book into print.
Today, I'm happy. At last I've pressed the Send button for the Margaret Flockton manuscript proposal. It was emailed to one publishing house yesterday, and another company today. Responses are due within 3 months & 3 weeks respectively. I'll keep on trying until someone says the magic word - 'Yes'.

Want to join the waiting list for this book? I promise - one way or another, it will eventually see the light of day! And you'll see that the years of effort will have been worth it.

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