Friday, 11 December 2015

Frank Flockton's Art & Grandsons

Have just come across an interesting story about Margaret Flockton's father Frank. Read it on Harold Peacock's History Out There blog. Poor old Frank was nowhere near as good an artist as his daughter and I agree with Harold that Frank certainly did not understand the eucalypts.

While on the subject of Frank, I've just written a book about his Boulton grandsons, Brothers in Arms.  Two brothers, in different armies. Nigel Boulton, serving as a doctor in the British army, and Stephen Boulton, serving in the Australian artillery, wrote a unique set of letters to their mother during the Great War. The book's available from BookPOD.

My Boulton blog provides further background details about how the book 'Brothers in Arms' was written and about the Boulton boys as children. (Would you let your 10-yr-old travel on his own from Sydney to London by ship?)

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