Wednesday, 7 September 2011

UK Research Completed

While in England recently with my lovely daughter Thea and her family, I was able to sneak away for a few days in London. There my nephew Alexander kindly gave up his room to me, while he slept on the floor in the lounge room, all in the interests of making his contribution to family history.

I was able to spend two days at the National Art Library at the V&A Museum, and also managed a trip to the Public Record Office at Kew, yet another visit to the London Metropolitan Archives, and some sorties on London buses and the Underground to various addresses where Margaret had lived and worked. The research allowed me to sort out and unscramble a great deal of conflicting information about her life during the 1880s, before she came to Australia.

The book is now taking its final shape and I'm almost ready to do the rounds of publishing houses. I hope the final result will satisfy the staff of the Botanic Gardens Trust in Sydney, who've been so helpful with my research and who tell me that they can't wait to see the book.

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